[ ocelot.desktop ]

An advanced OpenComputers emulator

Or download (mirror) a development build from 2024-07-10 (22f92168) by Smok1e

Near-perfect emulation

At the heart is ocelot-brain — basically OpenComputers but untied from Minecraft and packaged as a Scala library. This makes Ocelot Desktop the most accurate emulator ever made.

Pretty graphical interface

A fully-custom graphical interface, with animations and a slick design inspired by the original mod.

Persistable workspaces

Building the emulator on top of OpenComputers directly, we've inherited and preserved its ability to save state to disk and restore afterwards. Even opened screen windows retain their position when you reload the workspace!

Workspace design

Customize the setup to your liking: add computers, connect components, build complex setups, and manage your screen real estate to avoid distractions.

Cool features

Not stopping at just being an emulator, Ocelot Desktop brings new useful features, such as: such as performance graphs, resizeable screens, window labeling, and even TPS adjustment.

Built-in Eris Lua 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4

No need to install anything extra! Your programs will run on the same version of Lua as used by the mod and have similar timings. The performance and memory constraints present in OC are also emulated.