FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

A list of a few common questions and problems.

Why Ocelot Desktop?

Indeed, there is a plenty of other emulators. The tables below demonstrate how Ocelot Desktop fares against them. (If you spot a mistake here, please tell us!)

Feature Ocelot OCEmu OCVM
Customizable setups Partial
Persistence Filesystem only Filesystem only
Constrained memory
Original OC timings (CPU, GPU)
Changeable emulation speed
Configurable CPU architectures
Non-graphical configuration (for automation)
Custom machine.lua
Emulator Lua API
GPU buffers (OC 1.7.6)
Custom OpenComputers config

Component support:

Component Ocelot OCEmu OCVM
GPU (All 3 tiers) T3 only T3 only
CPU (All 3 tiers) Partial Partial
Network card
Wireless network card
Redstone (All tiers)
Data cards (All 3 tiers) T1 Only
Hard disks
Internet card
Floppy disks
Sound card (Computronics)

I found a bug! How I can report it?

Please create an issue on our issue tracker. Or just tell us on IRC: #cc.ru at irc.esper.net.

What are the emulator's hotkeys?

The help bar at the bottom shows actions you can perform on the hovered element.

In addition, there are a few "hidden" hotkeys:

F1 Toggle a UI layout debug view

F2 Toggle a FPS counter

F3 Reload the workspace

F4 Show a profiler window

How do I resize a screen window?

Just drag the bottom-right corner of the window. It will be scaled in discrete steps: 1:1 (100%); 1:2 (50%); 1:4 (25%)... To enlarge the window beyond 1:1, press Shift while dragging.

I get a weird error saying something about an inconsistency detected by ld.so

$ java -jar ocelot.jar
12:52:23.759 [main] INFO ocelot.desktop.util.Ticker - Setting tick interval to 50000.0 us (20.0 s^-1)
12:52:23.798 [main] INFO ocelot.desktop.OcelotDesktop$ - Starting up Ocelot Desktop
12:52:23.800 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Brain initialization...
12:52:23.800 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Version: 0.6.8
12:52:23.800 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Loading configuration...
12:52:23.991 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Registering available machine architectures...
12:52:24.080 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Found a compatible native library: 'Ocelot-0.6.8-lua52-native.64.so'.
12:52:24.120 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Found a compatible native library: 'Ocelot-0.6.8-lua53-native.64.so'.
12:52:24.121 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Registering loot (floppies and EEPROMs with standard OpenComputers software)...
12:52:24.125 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Registering entity constructors (for persistence purposes)...
12:52:24.149 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Initializing unicode wcwidth.
12:52:24.162 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Initializing font glyph widths.
12:52:24.190 [main] WARN totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Invalid glyph char code detected in font.hex. Expected 0<= charCode <10000, got: 1D300
12:52:24.190 [main] WARN totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - 87 total invalid glyph char codes detected in font.hex
12:52:24.190 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - glyph width ready.
12:52:24.196 [main] INFO totoro.ocelot.brain.Ocelot$ - Initialization finished.
12:52:24.209 [main] INFO ocelot.desktop.Settings$ - Loaded Ocelot Desktop configuration from: /home/user/.config/ocelot/ocelot.conf
12:52:24.210 [main] INFO ocelot.desktop.ColorScheme$ - Loading color scheme
12:52:24.224 [main] INFO ocelot.desktop.ColorScheme$ - Loaded 66 colors
12:52:24.280 [main] INFO ocelot.desktop.util.Ticker - Setting tick interval to 50000.0 us (20.0 s^-1)
12:52:24.281 [main] INFO ocelot.desktop.util.Ticker - Setting tick interval to 16.666666 us (60000.004 s^-1)
Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-lookup.c: 106: check_match: Assertion `version->filename == NULL || ! _dl_name_match_p (version->filename, map)' failed!

That's a known problem with our dependency, LWJGL2, on Java 9 and newer. As a workaround, launch Ocelot Desktop on Java 8.